Reliable and Secure: Two words to describe both Aurora Energy and the Linkly Voice IVR product.

Energy power lines

Aurora Energy is Tasmania’s leading energy retailer, providing trusted service to more than 280,000 customers across the state.  As such it needs the leading phone payment system in Australia – which is why they chose to use Linkly’s Voice product (IVR). 

Linkly’s Voice product (IVR) allows Aurora Energy to offer customers a secure and accessible payment channel in the form of an IVR.  Offering accessible payment channels to all is important, however it also redirects thousands of payments away from their call centre, saving them time and money.  This allows their staff to focus on delivering value to their customers instead of spending time on repetitive tasks such as processing payments. 

Linkly’s Voice product (IVR) is 100% PCI DSS compliant.  Customer credit card data is stored securely in the data vault.  Our security is tested and certified annually to ensure compliance with international data security standards. 

When asked what they like best about the solution the Aurora Energy team said “It just works.  We don’t have to think about it.”  That’s one of the best things you can hear about your payment solution – it is so reliable, and secure that it hums along in the background, and no one needs to worry about it.

Aurora Energy continue to explore innovate products and services, including providing a variety of payment channels for their customers.  Part of that suite is aurora+, its digital channel designed to help Tasmanians better understand and control their energy costs.  The app allows users to make simple payments, view their usage to find efficiencies, benefit from free Power Hours, track solar if they have it and conveniently manage their account from a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. 

“We are looking forward to working with Aurora Energy into the future with our IVR services.” Andrew Joyce, Linkly’s Chief Executive Officer.