Linkly launches Pay App

Linkly launches Pay App, an Innovative Modular Payment Application Suite

Pay App is a new payment application designed specifically for the emergence of Android terminals. Modular in its design and hardware agnostic, Pay App brings ultimate processing performance, reliability, and transaction speed with a flexible and customisable user interface to meet the unique needs of all businesses.

Pay App works seamlessly with Linky’s 660+ integrated POS partners and even operates in standalone mode for merchants that are yet to integrate their POS solution. Pay App also features an MPOS operating mode, allowing POS applications to run on the Android device and locally integrate to Pay App via a simple REST API protocol. MPOS removes the need for service desks, allowing merchants to display more goods, take sales anywhere in-store, and bust customer queues.

One of Pay App’s main components is a configurable user interface that allows acquirers or merchants to tailor-fit the app to seamlessly leverage your business’s branding. Pay App’s user interface can easily leverage specific branding, fonts, logos, and colours.

With a truly modular development approach, Pay App allows updates to be made without impacting other critical processes, reduces regression testing timeframes, increases speed to market with new features deployed the day they are ready, and is easily customised to acquirer specifications.

Linkly has partnered with Sektor, the leading provider, and supplier of payment hardware and peripherals in Australia to unlock the full potential of Android Smart terminals. Linkly’s Pay App is hosted in Sektors MAXSTORE, a market-leading Terminal Management System providing unparalleled, federated control over your terminal fleet.

If you are an Acquirer, POS vendor, PSP, or merchant looking to change the way you service your customers through next-generation payment terminals, talk to us today.