Developer APIs

Linkly provides API’s for both in-store and online integrations for our partners.

Our In-store interfaces provide support for a variety of connection methods and store architectures, ensuring there is a Linkly interface that will suit your needs.

Our Online interface allows you to have complete control of your customer’s digital payments experience.

In-Store APIs

Supports POS solutions to streamline the payment process from POS to payment terminal.

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Online API

The API supports transaction processing, token processing and more for Linkly Online / Merchantsuite

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Linkly In-Store APIs

Linkly Cloud

The Linkly Cloud solution houses proven middleware components within Linkly’s own environment.

  • Fastest and simplest way to integrate to Linkly’s payment solution.
  • Allows the solution to be used by any combination of hardware and software.
  • Strongly recommended for new integrations.
  • Removes the need to install anything locally.
  • No need for direct connection between POS and Pinpad.
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Linkly TCP/IP

Seamlessly run Linkly’s components locally whilst communicating to the payment terminal from the POS, anywhere in the store.

  • Offers a flexible way to integrate a Windows based POS to Linkly’s payment solution
  • Easily connects a POS to a Pinpad via USB, RS-232 or Ethernet (Wifi or cabled)
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Linkly Online API

Take payments online the way you want to, while leveraging the full power of MerchantSuites features and security. The flexibility of the API allows you to have complete control of your customer’s online experience.

  • Extensive online documentation in all the major programming languages for developers.
  • MerchantSuite API libraries means less coding for even faster development.
  • Supports payments, pre-auths, captures, refunds and voids.
  • Supports tokenisation.
  • Supports direct post to allow you to ensure sensitive data is not exposed to your environment.
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