Become a Linkly Accredited Vendor

Take your POS solution to the next level by streamlining the checkout process, reduce manual transaction entry and improve the customer and merchant experience with Linkly.

Integrating with Linkly has its perks

Integrating your POS solution with Linkly opens most Australian and New Zealand bank payment terminals to your customers.

Give your POS a competitive advantage

  • Speeds up the payment process.
  • Allows merchants to choose from many banking providers.
  • Improves transaction reconciliation.
  • Reduces staff training of payment terminals.

Supported Integrations

Cloud POS

Supporting solutions that offer the ability to operate from any location, on any device, securely, using Linkly Cloud technologies.


Installed locally, Linkly On-Premises offers reliability and speed, supporting over 550 POS solutions.


Supporting single device offerings that provide mobility, convenience, and efficiency, saving you time, money and space.

Dedicated team to help you through the accreditations process

Linkly support all accreditations from start to approval and can be contacted to assist you throughout your development and accreditation.

Best practice guides to get you through accreditation quickly

With over 680 accredited POS solutions to date, Linkly understands accreditations and have helpful guides that will help get you get through the process seamlessly.

Get listed on with your own POS page to sell your offering

All accredited POS solutions are listed on the Linkly website, and your POS solution can have its own feature page to describe, show and sell your solution.

4 Easy Steps To Accreditation

Linkly’s focus is on making accreditation an easy process for our POS vendors. Here are the 4 easy steps to help you get accredited:

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