Why Choose Linkly

as your payment partner across Australia and NZ?

We recognise that you have many choices for payment partners across Australia and New Zealand.  Linkly has been providing  terminal, POS and connectivity payment solutions for banks and merchants for nearly 30 years.  When you choose Linkly as your payment partner you know that we are dedicated to providing the highest level of service, support and payment products.  We do this through our payment products such as Linkly In-store, Linkly Online, and Linkly Pay App.  We are looking forward to connecting the payment eco-system in Australia and New Zealand for another 30 years. 

Linkly In-Store

For nearly 30 years, the Linkly In-Store product has meant seamless integration of terminals and POS, resulting in 200,000 plus terminals processing more than 2 billion transactions a year through over 750 Point-of-Sale applications and 14 acquiring partners – making us Australia and New Zealand’s leading supplier of integrated payment solutions.

Linkly Pay App

The Linkly Pay App, is our modular payment application built for Android payment devices that brings ultimate processing performance, reliability, and transaction speed with a flexible and customisable user interface.

Linkly Online

Linkly Online is our payment gateway and processes over 120 million online payments a year. It has unique features and functionality making it a leading piece of card not present payment technology allowing Australian businesses to take payments online. 

Linkly Voice (IVR)

The Linkly Voice product is a powerful IVR technology solution powering many of Australia’s call centres.  Our customers use it for the pure IVR functionality and as a Secure Call Interface (SCI) solution.  The SCI solution is a unique solution that solves the problem of PCI DSS non-compliance.