Linkly geared up for 8 digit BIN changes


In April 2022, the Card BIN system (managed by the International Organisation for Standardisation or ISO) will be changing from 6 digits to 8 digits. This is due to the increasing number of card issuers.  

Linkly’s solutions are ready to support the ISO standard and passthrough the 8 Digit BINs to POS systems. 

While Linkly’s solutions are ready for the move to 8 Digit BINs, we recommend Merchants and their POS providers to review their own systems, ensuring any components of their configuration are updated for the changes outlined by ISO. This could include but not limited to; look-up tables, BIN block logic, reporting or reconciliation that uses BIN logic and routing transactions based on card BIN. Linkly also recommend contacting any third-party service provider utilized in accepting payments to ensure they are ready when 8 digit BINs are introduced. 

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