Linkly Bridge for Oracle

Linkly launching Oracle POS integration for the Big 4 banks

True to its two-decade track record as Australia and New Zealand’s leader in providing integrated payment solutions, Linkly is launching a new Oracle integration for Food and Beverage point of sale.

This integration includes the rollout across Oracle MICROS Simphony Point-of-Sale systems which are widely used across food and beverage establishments in Australia. As Australia’s largest point of sale integrator, this partnership allows Linkly to offer seamless integration with major acquirers and payment terminals to F&B merchants who are using Oracle’s POS solutions.

This includes the processing of payments from customers of Australia’s four biggest banks – CBA, Westpac, NAB and ANZ – a capability that wasn’t available before the Oracle-Linkly integration.

This integration connects Oracle’s POS system to the acquirer or bank that supplied the payment terminal, allowing a faster and more efficient payment processing. It automatically sends the total charge from the POS to the terminal, eliminating the need for cashiers to manually re-pin the amount ensuring an error-free transaction.

“At Linkly, we are about simplifying the payment journey for businesses and their customers, creating seamless experiences,” says Frerk-Malte Feller. “We are thrilled to partner with Oracle and we can’t wait to see restaurants, cafes and other food and beverage establishments across the country reaping the benefits of this integration.”

Linkly’s solution supports all major acquirers with no changes to existing terminal software or current merchant onboarding processes.

This non-disruptive migration is powered by a software developed by Linkly called the Linkly Bridge for Oracle which bridges the existing Linkly software to the Oracle POS. This connection ensures that existing payment providers are automatically compatible with the Oracle POS and can offer integration to merchants with zero downtime.

With Linkly, Oracle POS merchants can have their customers pay at the counter, as well as complete purchases, refunds, settlement, tipping, and all common transaction types.

The Linkly solution is compatible with Simphony v2.9+, RES 3700 v5.5+ and e7 POS v4.4. It works with the Simphony Payment Interface (SPI) and Oracle Payment Interface (OPI). The integration will soon be extended to other Oracle POS solutions, including Oracle Hotel POS. The Linkly Bridge for Oracle is available on Oracle Cloud Marketplace and can be deployed with Oracle MICROS Simphony Point-of-Sale.