Accredited Companies

Find list of Accredited Companies below:

POS Accredited
Date Issued
Verticals (Primary)
365 Technology Group / Pawnit Systems Pty LtdPawnit 365 v
7-Eleven Stores Pty LtdRadiant Systems P400 & P1550 v6.2.907026-Oct-09Retail
Abacus Solution Pty LtdAbacus v2.5.528-Sep-17Hospitality
Abacus Solution Pty LtdAbacus v2.5.233-Apr-19Hospitality
Abercrombie & FitchIPOS v6.
Accent SoftwareInsyte v16.4.2.020-Mar-17Retail
Access POS Pty LtdRetail Manager & New Manager v3.6021-Jul-08Retail
Aclas Pty LtdArmPOS v2.011-Jan-10Retail
ACR Business Systems Pty LtdHardware Shoptalk v1.013-Feb-07Retail
Acumen Computer SystemsAcumen v3.8510-Jan-07Retail
Acumen Computer SystemsAcumen v3.9523-Mar-10Retail
Addictive Technology Solutionsaddictive POS v1.015-Aug-12Hospitality
Adelaide Business SoftwareAdelaide business Software v1.1822-May-02Retail
Advanced Automotive Data ServicesMTS by AADS v8.1221-Jul-15Retail
Advanced Retail SolutionsAdvanced Retail Technology v1.0015-Nov-02Retail
Advantage Solutions Pty LtdMicrosoft Retail Management System RMS 2.024-Nov-08Retail
Agopae Data SystemsAgopae Data Systems v1.0015-Nov-02
Ai-Menu SystemsAi-Menu v3.10.3011-Apr-17Hospitality
All Cash Register RequirementsGrace POS v3.0010-Jun-15Retail
Allcom AustraliaAllcom Aust v5.3017-Jun-03
AM Solutions / My Chemist / Corum HealthRetail Manager (EPOS) v1.0.0.014-May-09Retail
AmadeusProperty Management - PM PRO v10.2.13014-Oct-16Hospitality
AMC CITIngenico EFT with POS Portal v1.0024-Aug-09Retail/Hospitality
AMC EnterprisesAMC Enterprises v1.1.2.47-Jan-02Retail
Amway Of AustraliaHybats5-Feb-20Retail
Aniluin Pty LtdPoint 3 v 9 & 1011-May-10Retail Hospitality
App Gallery Pty LtdWeFroth v1.07-May-19
Apparel 21Bass Software v8.328-Oct-04Retail
ARZPOSARZPOS v3.24017-Mar-15Hospitality
AWS / Aussie Weighbridge SystemsAWS Weighing Management Systems v4.0B15-Nov-12Weighbridge System
AusSoft Solutions Pty LtdCashlink v10.120-Oct-09Hospitality
Aussoft Solutions Pty LtdCashLink v13.12-Aug-10Hospitality
Austech Weighing (Aust) Pty LtdMAXPOS v1.8.4.226-Apr-18Weighbridge
Austral DynamicsAustral Dynamics PC-EFTPOS v1.010-Jun-11Retail
Automotive Brands Group Pty LtdGlobal vAB11.139-Sep-14Retail
Autosoft Pty LtdAutosoft Turbo v4.026-Sep-06Retail
AW Retail Systems Pty LtdSwiftTouch v1.2.11524-Nov-08Hospitality
Barcode Solutionse-bility v2.8822-Apr-04Retail
Baseplan Software Pty LtdBaseplan v1.913-Apr-11Rental Management
Beautiful Designs & ConsultingBDC Self-Checkout System v1.04-Nov-19Retail
Belvoir Information TechnologyBelPos vC528-Apr-09Hospitality
BEpoz Retail SolutionsSmart Till v2 & 36-Jul-06Hospitality
BEpoz Retail SolutionsBepoz v3.4.0 / Bepoz CE v3.4.022-Oct-09Hospitality
Best & LessBest & Less v1.0020-Sep-02Retail
Between The Flags Pty LtdVM Instock v1.0.1.4422-Apr-16Retail
BevillesBevilles v1.0011-Jan-10Retail
Beyond BoulderingBeyond Bouldering v1.0019-Dec-19
BHGLS Pty LtdBluize v3.9.1218-Mar-14Hospitality
Biscount SoftwareBiscount v10.283515-Sep-17Retail
Bluefrog POSBluefrog POS v7.2.2412-Oct-12Hospitality
Brunswick Bowling ProductsSync v3.012-Oct-18Retail
Bunnings Group LimitedBPositive v12.2.4.2727-Oct-05Retail
Business Manager SoftwareAdvanced POS v4.1.0.12-Jul-09
Business Smarter SoftwareBsmarter POS v2.017-Aug-12Hospitality
C9 SoftwareC9 v4.37816-Sep-13Retail
Caljo Solutions Pty LtdCBPos v1.0a7-May-13
CAP SoftwareCAP Software POS v819-Sep-12Retail
Caps HospitalityCaps Hospitality v1.020-Jun-01Hospitality
Carus Pbs Ltd AbCarres Ferry Booking System vC2.6024-Mar-10Hospitality
Cashpoint Payment Solutions Pty Ltd (previously Retail Systems / Acecourt)MYPOS v1.0 (previously RSA PC-POS v2.2.6)1-Jun-05Hospitality/Retail
CasioCasio V-R200 / V-R7000 v4.0124-Jan-18Hospitality
Centaman SystemsCentaman Systems v703011-Feb-03Hospitality
Chimo Pty LtdChimo v1.05-Jul-01Retail
CIBIS Pty LtdXpect v3.2723-Feb-06Business
Cider House ICT Pty LtdCHSVET v5.030-Mar-17Veterinary
Cin7Cin7 POS v2.019-Nov-15Retail
Circle Software LtdCircle POS v11917-May-12Retail
CitiXsys Australia Pty LtdiVend Retail v4.6.221-Jan-10Retail
City Beach AustraliaCB.POS.EXE v2.0.69.11-Jun-12Retail
Civica Pty LtdAuthority v6.810-Apr-14Government
Clear Objective LtdClear Enterprise v2.11.31-Jun-11Retail
Clear SoftwareClear Retail v4.013-Aug-09Retail
ClickPOS Pty LtdClickPOS v1.06-Aug-13Retail
Cloudsolve SA Pty LtdPosZAP v1.05-Dec-18Hospitality
Club SpeedPOS111-Feb-20Retail/Hospitality
ClubwareClubware v3.1.0.35014-Jan-15Health
Clubware (Division of Debitsuccess)Clubware 2.0 v2.4.516-Apr-12Health
Codemaster Systems Pty LtdCodemaster Retail v 4.1.431-Aug-18Retail
Colorado GroupColorado Group POS v2.x22-Apr-05Retail
ComActivity AustraliaCegid Yourcegid Retail CBR v11.05.1391.196723-Jun-15Retail
Compusoft Australia Pty LtdCompusoft PC-EFTPOS v1.025-Aug-08Retail
Computer Infobase SystemDophiny v1.108-Jan-07Retail
Computer MagicTill v4.0.0364-Mar-16Hospitality
ComputerLink AustraliaComputerLink v1.0015-Nov-02Retail
Comsense Datasystems of AustraliaComsense Point-of-Sale v7.02-Apr-13Health
Concrete Recyclers (Group) Pty LtdCRG POS v1414-May-19Retail
Control Pty LtdPoint -N-Sell v3.4419-Dec-19
Cornell-Mayo AssociatesOpus Millenium v3.26a24-Oct-11Retail
Cosmos LimitedPOS2000 v1.91a20-Oct-06Health
Cosmos LOTSLOT vL2.0102-Feb-04Health
Costco Wholesale Australia Pty LtdCostco Australia SMA v2.015-May-09Retail
Coyote Software Pty LtdCoyote POS v2.07-Mar-11Retail
CPIAM Pty LtdSellIT v2.0.623-Oct-12Pharmacy
Creative ComputingCreative Computing v1.0015-Nov-02Retail
CSRCSR v1.0012-Mar-02
Ctel Pty LtdImpulse Practice Management System v5.509-Jun-09Health
Custom Hospitality SystemsMaitre'd vMD2005 SP3 HF39-Jun-06Hospitality
Custom Hospitality SystemsHioPOS Cloud v1.84.1.04-Jul-19Hospitality
DailyPOSDailyPOS v14.9.10.207-Oct-14Hospitality
Dataccount Computer BizFlex v071121-Nov-07Retail
DataTools Pty LtdDataTools POS v2.019-Oct-09
DecathlonOpenbravo WebPOS v170.223-Nov-17Retail
Deliverit Software Pty LtdDPOS v1.80.019-Oct-10Hospitality
Dena Services Pty LtdPOS Master v2.4.6820-Apr-15
Department of Territory & Municipal ServicesRego.ACT v10.425-Aug-10Government
Dick Smith PosPlus v1.07-Jan-14Retail
Disc AustralasiaDisc Australasia v3.2.09711-Feb-02Retail
Dynamic Retail SystemsDynamic Retail Systems v4.1.1.725-Feb-02Retail
e10 Solutions Pty Ltde10 POS vFOS-v.021b18-Mar-14
Eastcoast NetworksOptions Accounting + POS v200721-Dec-07Retail
EBS Pty LtdEBS v1.025-Jun-01Hospitality
Ecco Software Pty LtdmPOS v2.012-Feb-06Retail
ECNESOFT Pty LtdeTakeaway v1.20.0.03-May-13Hospitality
E-Com Business SolutionsE-Com POS v1.01-Dec-08Retail
EDS Australiae-Drivers v1.0020-May-02
EFTPOS WarehouseXCR v05.166-Mar-17Reseller
Elegant Computer SolutionsExpressLane POS v5.122-Feb-05Retail
Embed International Pty LtdEmbed PG v010010-Aug-12Hospitality/Retail
Emirates ComputersVisual POS Master v2.2.x26-Nov-10Retail
Engagis Pty LtdEze Orda v0.4.617-Dec-18
Enigma SolutionsEspresso POS v2.318-Sep-07Retail
Enterprise Intelligence SystemsOpenbravo Commerce v3.0RR14Q37-Oct-14
Epitome Software Pty LtdGary v r751014-Jun-19Retail
Epos PlusDIGIPOS v2.0.0.220-Aug-19
ERP WERXLS Retail - Navision v9.00.06.2226-Oct-16Retail
ESD / PoswisePoswise v9+26-Mar-13Retail
Esprit (Retail) Pty LtdEsprit POS System v0.20B19-Jul-16Retail
Esprit InternationalEsprit v7.13a9-Nov-01Retail
E-Ticket / VACCe-ticket v2.729-Feb-08Ticketing
EverywareCaterlord POS v2.0.47-Feb-17Hospitality
Evopos Pty LtdEvopos v2.0923-Jun-17Retail
ExistcoPlant Control Systems POS v1.27-Feb-13Retail
Exobiz ServicesExobiz POS v1.03026-May-09Retail
Exobiz ServicesSymphony v16.0201.011-Feb-16Retail
Exset Holdings ty LtdMiPOS v1.0020-Mar-19Hospitality
Ezy Systems Pty LtdEzyWine POS v2017.02.0220-Dec-17Retail
Ezy Systems Pty LtdEzyAccounts v2017.02.0215-Mar-18Accounting
EzyUse Business SolutionsEzyUse Business Solutions v2.0.8.410-Oct-07
FAMAC DistributorsArtsmagna v6.5.91530-Nov-05Retail
FBSHarmony v11a14-Aug-03Retail
FBS – WindowsFuture Business Systems Windows POS v1.017-Jun-02Retail
FE Technologies Pty LtdLoanstation v2.420-Aug-12Libraries
Fedelta Point of SaleFedelta v3.7.324-Mar-11Hospitality
Fieldpine (Metrics)Fieldpine v1.03-Jul-01
Finchcorp SystemsiCell v1.1.0.5528-Jun-11Hospitality
FingermarkAutom8 v1.13.04-Oct-18Hospitality/Retail
Flower PowerFPPOS v1.03-Sep-09Retail
Flower PowerFPPOST v5.271-Oct-09Retail
Focal Point TechnologyMAJIK DRPOS v6.01-Feb-10
Frabpos SystemsFrabPOS v3.720-Aug-17Hospitality
Fred IT GroupFred IT Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail v6.3.1641-Dec-14Retail
Fred IT Group (Health & Retail) Microsoft Retail Management System v1.3.02065-Jun-06Retail
Fujitsu Australia LimitedFujitsu PC-EFTPOS v1.01-Jul-00Retail
Fusion Transactive LtdG5 Polaris POS / G5 Gemini POS v2.40 Build 716-Jul-09Retail
Futura Retail Solution Pty LtdFutura4POS v40.1818-Apr-16Retail
Futura Retail Solution Pty LtdFutura4POS v4.1.0.38-Jul-19Retail
Futura Retail Solutions Pty LtdFuturERS 3.34A13-Mar-20Retail
Future Business SystemsFuture Business Systems v1.009-Apr-02Retail
Future POS Inc.Future Fusion POS v5.026-Nov-13Hospitality
Future Retail Future Retail v4.1.1727-Oct-05Retail
FutureNetFutureNet v2.0.311-Dec-03Retail
Gap SolutionsGap Solutions v1.0010-Apr-03Retail
Gap Solutionsezi-scale v2.3.36.016-Dec-14Retail
Gap SolutionseziPos v
General Pants GroupEpicor Store v6.2.023-Jul-08Retail
Generate Group Pty LtdGenerate7 v7.021-Sep-11Hospitality
GIO Building Society LimitedGIO Receipt Application v3.011-Dec-99Insurance
Givex AustraliaVexilor v16.2.120-Oct-16Hospitality
Gladstone MRM (Australia) Pty LtdOrbit Professional v1.419-Jan-10Events
Gladstone MRM (Australia) Pty LtdPlus2 v104-May-10Fitness
Global Retail Technology Ltd (Nobly POS)Nobly v6.1921-May-19Hospitality
Golden KeyIMAS POS v1.3.524-Jan-05Retail
GPK Group Pty Ltd (prev. Merlin Software Pty Ltd)Merlin POS v3.026-Sep-06Retail
Great Earth Pty LtdOdoo v9.06-Sep-16
Group Zara AustraliaITXPOS v3542.3345.36.117-Aug-16Retail
GuestPoint Motelier Pty LtdGuestPoint v8.0.1.125-Aug-19Accommodation
GV Custom SoftwareOke's POS v2.218-Mar-13Retail
H&L AustraliaH&L v1.010-Jul-01Hospitality
HansaWorld Australia Pty LtdEnterprise v7.018-Jan-13Retail
Happen BusinessJin2 Business Engine v3.0123-Aug-10Retail
Harvey NormanPOSVO v27.064-Jul-12Retail
HB International Pty LtdHB International v1.013-Nov-09
HelecomSuperTouch POS v9.05-Oct-04Retail
HirePos Pty LtdHirePos v1.31.10726-Feb-09Retail
Hitachi Solutions Asia Pacific Pte LtdDynamics 365 Retail by Hitachi v8.112-Jun-18Retail
Hospitality Information SystemsHIS Interactive (Realtime Management) v5.0.3723-Nov-09Hospitality
IBMSIBMS v8.0x & 9.0x20-Jan-03Retail
ICAD Retail Systems Pty LtdSwingPOS v051521-Apr-15Retail
ICG Software Pty LtdFront Retail v50xx13-Nov-06Hospitality
Idealpos Solutions Pty LtdIdealpos / Ideal POS System13-Nov-01Hospitality
IKEA - Cebas Pty LtdMBS Navision v200926-Feb-15Retail
Imagatec Pty LtdiPos/iCafe/iPizza/iWash vFeb2010+23-Feb-10Hospitality
Imagatec Pty LtdiPOS / iCAFE / iPIZZA / iWASH v201019-Sep-11Hospitality
Impos Solutions International Pty LtdImpos Front Office v4.28.1.03-Feb-15Hospitality
Independent Solutions (previously Scanning Systems)Scanning Systems Australia v1.05-Feb-03Retail
InfoInfor M3 v104-Oct-19
InfoCentral Solutions (previously Infobase Systems)InfoBase InfoPOS v2.411-Dec-09Retail
InfoMining Pty LtdBookMine v1013-Apr-11Retail
InfoPOS Australia Pty LtdInfoPOS v2.029-Nov-16Retail
Infotel Pty LtdInfotel v2.1617-Nov-16Hospitality
Infusion Business Software LtdInfusion 8.519 (and above)13-Mar-20Retail
inPOS Pty LtdinPOS v4.4.1.126-Jul-04Hospitality
Intech Software LimitedShopcounter v8.28-Sep-16Retail
Intelli-Data Solutions Pty LtdConnect v1.019-Sep-11
Intelligent POS (I-POS)Digital Data Assist v4.04-Apr-12Hospitality
Intelligent RetailConnect v5.216-Aug-14Retail
Interacct SoftwareIPOS v3.0.6315-May-07Retail
Intercard Inc.iteller v5.1.1.120-Aug-14Hospitality
Intercard Inc.iCashier v1.1.0.011-Aug-17Hospitality
Intercard Inc.iTellerPlus v1.0.1.019-Dec-19Hospitality
Intouch TechnologyIntouch Technology v1.0010-Apr-02Health
Intraday Pty Ltd t/as GloPosNetGloPosNet v1.0.0.08-May-19Hospitality/Retail
IQ WorksMenuMate v4.04-May-06Hospitality
Ironbark SoftwareIronbark Point of Sale v1.0019-Feb-13Retail
IT System Pte Ltd123 Sell POS v2.02.0222-May-06Retail
IT Visions Business Systems Australia Pty LtdGrow v6.0.248018-Oct-06Retail
ITERA LimitedPosera v 1.0.020-Mar-17Hospitality
ITNT Group Pty LtdRetail Therapy / ITNT POS v191830-Nov-17Retail
Ivida Smart Technologies Pty LtdTaptouch 1.2.011-Feb-20Retail
iWEIGH Solutions Pty LtdiWEIGH v4.0023-Feb-15Weighbridge
Jack Roe (CS) LtdJacro PosPay v1.031-Oct-17
JBS Hospitality Events Pty LtdPosorbis v1.025-May-18Hospitality
JDA Software AustraliaJDA Software v1.0015-Nov-02Retail
JEC InternationalOPT.MAS POS v2.26-Nov-07Hospitality
Jensen Data SystemsJensenPOS v1.0019-Dec-16Hospitality
K POS Pty LtdPartner_Pro 2 v 3.018-Oct-16Hospitality
Kart 2000 International SVL / Kingston Park RacewayKart 2000 Paydesk30-Oct-12Retail/Hospitality
KCC Computer ConsultingCS-12 v1.04-Sep-14
Kemp & DenningKemp & Denning v1.0012-Mar-02Retail
Kestral ComputingPhoenix v 1.020-Apr-15Health
Kestral ComputingKarisma v3.031-May-16Health
Kingsley's Chicken Pty LtdKingsley's Instore Management v1.02-May-16Retail
Koorong Books Pty LtdKoorong PC-EFTPOS v1.01-Aug-00Retail
Kooyoo Technology Pty Ltd t/as Codemaster SystemsPOSWORX v1.0014-Feb-14Retail
Kreative Technology Pty LtdKreative Konvenience v1.9.717-Sep-15Hospitality
Krunchy Kebabs Pty LtdKK Kiosk v1.028-Mar-13Hospitality
Kudos Solutions LtdCounter Intelligence - Serve v4.4.630-May-14Retail
Kudos Solutions Pty LtdKudos Solutions v1.0020-Mar-02Retail
Land & Property Management AuthorityLPMA PC-EFTPOS v4.2.6.3027-May-10Government
Lenards Pty LtdLPOS v17.2.10.104431-May-17Retail
Link TechnologiesLinkPOS v7.417-Jul-15Retail
Links Modular SolutionsLinks Modular Solutions v9.7010-Apr-12Health
Logic 1 Systems Pty LtdPOS1 v 1.202-Dec-11Retail
LowesLowes v1.001-Jun-00Retail
Lynx Business Systems (Australia)Lynx Checkmate v2.1318-Jun-01Retail
Magenta RetailMagenta Retail v4.11.006-Dec-02Retail
Magenta RetailEnabler v4.36.0026-Sep-06Retail
Management CompanyDCS POS v2, v320-Jan-20Retail
Mandalay Technologies Pty LtdMandalayCS v3.4.0.3928-Jun-16Weighbridge
Marketstall Australia Pty LtdEDGEPOS v2.8.429-Nov-12Retail
Markinson Technologies Pty LtdMomentum Pro v7.08-Jan-15Retail
Marvyn Entertainments Pty LtdTSCR for The Cheesecake Shop v5.711-Mar-11Hospitality
Mascolo Support ServicesSalongenius v11.11-Feb-11Retail
Mayne Group LimitedMINFOS v2.1427-Oct-05Health
MBFMBF v1.0020-Mar-02Health
MBL Retail SolutionsMerlinPOS v0.0.5.172-May-11Retail
MedianaraMNPOS v3.025-May-12Hospitality
Medibank Private LtdTSX_CNU23591 v7.04-Dec-15Health
MedNetwork Systems Pty LtdImpulse Practice Management System v5.509-Jun-09Health
Megabus Pty LtdMarlin GTX v3.4.119-Mar-14Retail
Megabus WAMegabus WA v0.3021-Jul-04Retail
Melhawk Computing / Magenta Retail Melhawk Positive for Windows v2.001-Nov-99Retail
Menumate LimitedMenumate v5.1015-Mar-13Hospitality
MercarexMicrosoft Retail Management System v1.3 & 2.025-Sep-07Retail
Metric Business SystemsMetricsPOS 1.0.013-Mar-20Hospitality
Metro Business SystemsMetro Business Systems v1.0019-Nov-02Retail
Microchannel ServicesRetail Tools RMS POS PC-EFT v1.0.2011-Jan-06Retail
Microchannel ServicesMicroChannel Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail v6.3.0.110-Feb-15Retail
Microchannel ServicesMicroChannel Microsoft Dynamics NAV v2015-201817-Jun-19Retail
Micronet Systems AustraliaMicronet Point of Sale v2.616-Jun-06Retail
Micros FidelioMicros Fidelio v1.022-Jun-01Hospitality
Micros FidelioMicros 9700 v3.231-Mar-11Hospitality
Micros-Fidelio Australia Pty LtdSimphony v2.6 GR26-Mar-14Hospitality
Monitor Business Machines NZiPOS Retail Management System v1.0.87-Nov-06Retail
Monitor WA Pty LtdSmartLoader v2.05-May-09Hospitality
Monitor WA Pty LtdTotalControl Lite (tcLite) v1.0.5.010-Nov-16Hospitality
Monitor WA Pty LtdSmartloader v3.0.0.010-Nov-16Hospitality
Moore StephensMSTA Post Module v3.0424-Mar-06Accounting
Mountaintop SystemsMountaintop Systems PosPro v4.1322-Jul-03Health
MRP Retail AustraliaMRP POS v8.0.6.812-Aug-15Retail
MSL SolutionsPOS A3 v1.05-Dec-18Hospitality
Music Management SystemsMusic Management Systems v2.520-Feb-01Retail
My Baby Warehouse / Arora InternationalLogical POS v1.0.030-Jun-15
My Student Account Centurion Software v2.520-May-03Hospitality
MyerMyer v1.0027-Jul-09Retail
MYOB AustraliaMYOB Retail Manager v9.0 onwards2-May-06Retail
National POS Systems Pty LtdnatPOS v1.0.3613.015-Mar-10Retail
NCRETRANS v9.01.0113-Aug-12Hospitality
NCRAloha v6.713-May-13Hopsitality
NCR AustraliaDNC Kiosk v1.005-Nov-15Hospitality
NCR CorporationNCR Cinema POS v7.6.219414-Apr-14Hospitality
NCR Hospitality (previously Quest Retail Technology)Quest Retail Technology v1.028-Sep-09Retail
NeoPOSNeoPOS v5.2823-May-14Retail
NeotechnologySprintPOS v6.0721-Mar-14Retail
Neotechnology Business SystemsAmicus v6.xx & v6.0715-Jun-11Hospitality
NetBookings Pty LtdnbPOS v5.78-Sep-11Hospitality
NetnestMS Retail Management System v2.0.133-Feb-15Retail
NetSuiteRetail Anywhere POS v7.123-Jan-13Retail
Newcastle Weighing ServicesWasteman 2G WRU v2.25.0.02-Apr-07Weighbridge
Newcastle Weighing ServicesWSN Waste Receival Unit v1.25.0.02-Apr-07Weighbridge
Newcastle Weighing ServicesClearWeigh v2.021-Sep-17Weighbridge
Nimbus EFTPOSNimbus EFTPOS One v1.0.227-Aug-15Retail
Nirvana Intelligent Systems Ltd / NisystNPOS Enterprise Edition v6.014-Jan-11Retail
Nortech SystemsRamsys v1.023-Apr-07Retail
North Industries Pty LtdChess Retail POS v27A29-Jul-14Retail
Northstar TechnologiesNS v6.231-May-19
NothingButPOSNothingButPOS Pro v1.1.0.017-Nov-16Hospitality
Omni Systems Pty LtdOmniPOS, iOmniPOS v1.07.1315-Jan-16Retail
Omni Systems Pty LtdOmniPOS v1.025-Sep-19Retail
On Q - CadmusCadmus Proprietary / Win 95 v3.008-May-03Retail
On Q Business Systems20-Jul-01Retail
Onsite TechnologyOnSite POS for NetSuite v1.9.10510-Mar-10Health
Ontempo NZ LtdOntempo Store v1.2.0.05-Jan-12Retail
Open Systems Technology Pty LtdOpen Systems Tech Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail v6.2.158.03-Feb-15Retail
OracleSimphony v2.722-May-15Hospitality
OracleSimphony First Edition v1.618-Feb-16Hospitality
Oracle AustraliaXStore v5.528-Jul-17Retail
OrdermateOrdermate v2.7.1211-Dec-09Hospitality
Oscar Software SolutionsOscar v2.019-Nov-06Hospitality
OscarPOS Software SolutionsOscarPOS v2.5.625-Feb-14Hospitality
Osipos Software Pty LtdOsipos v9.20 & 9.3020-Jul-06Retail
Pacsoft Australia Pty LtdOptemizer v2.0.195.20+11-May-04Retail
Pacsoft Australia Pty LtdiOptPOS v1.07-Nov-14Retail
Panacea IT SolutionsRetail Pro v8.4/8.58-Apr-04Retail
Partech Inc.Infusion Software Suite vIT.3:5027-Jan-09Hospitality
Partech Inc.PixelPoint v12.210-Jun-15Hospitality
Partner ITPOS Tickets v2.026-Sep-06Retail
Passenger Transport BoardPassenger Transport Board v1.0012-Mar-02Transport
PBSA PBSA POS v2.2.14.015-Sep-10Retail
Peerless Software Pty LtdPEERPOS v1.0.0.223815-Nov-12Retail
Perfume Empire Pty LtdMicrosoft Retail Management System v1.3&2.023-Feb-10Retail
Pharmacy Computer SolutionsEzyPos v1.0.11128-Sep-07Retail
Pharmhos Software Pty LtdMerlinMAP POS v1.320-Oct-16Health
PharmHosMerlinMap 1.011-Feb-20Retail
Pixen Pty LtdBeacon v2.5.1.X11-Oct-11Retail
Platypus SoftwareEzeReceipts v220-Oct-03Retail
Platypus Software Pty LtdPlatypus Software v7.0018-Nov-02Retail
Platypus Software Pty LtdposCentral v7.01-Feb-17Retail
Point of Sale IncERPLY v2.017-Jan-13Retail
POS 1CES TS v8.0.1413-Oct-05Retail
POS ActiveMatrix Point of Sale v3.2024-Sep-07Retail
POS MasterPOS Master v2.5 v6.00.108-Dec-06Retail
POS Republic Pty LtdPOS Republic WebPOS v1.02-Mar-18Retail
POS Republic Pty LtdSelf Order Kiosk v1.02-Mar-18Hospitality
POS Solutions POS Solutions v1.0019-Nov-02Retail
POS Works Pty LtdPOS Works Retail Management System (PRMS) v1.08-Sep-09Pharmacy
POS WorldEG Business Equipment t/as POSWorld vMP210024-Jun-04Retail
Positively Systems Pty LtdPositively v12.8919-Feb-08Retail
POSSKI Pty LtdAbacus v2.5.2328-Oct-16Hospitality
POSWAY Pty LtdPOSWAY v1.5.431-Aug-15Hospitality
Power POS Systems Pty Ltd / PowerlinxPowerTill v7.119-Jun-08Hospitality
Precise Business SolutionsEpicor POS v4.430-Sep-05Retail
Profit VisionRetail Plus v2.07 & Profit Vision v2.0712-Aug-02Retail
Pronto SoftwarePronto-xi POS v630.3 +13-Feb-04Retail
Protrace SolutionsPrompt U iPOS v1.49-Dec-10Hospitality
Pure CommercePure Commerce v2.029-Aug-02Retail
QBD The BookshopQPOS v1.0.78.16-Aug-14Retail
Qdos TechnologyQDOS Point of Sale v9.5.12.07-Dec-12Retail
QubicaAMFConqueror Pro v201615-Apr-16Hospitality
Quicken (Reckon POS)Quicken v9.0/ Quickfuel3-Mar-06Retail
QvisualLogiq v6.0.57-Oct-14Health
RACT / AlifeReceptor v1.0.24.58-Dec-03Hospitality
Rapid UIRapid POS v2.022-Jan-20Retail
RaymarkMosaic v2.74-Aug-15Retail
Readysell Computer SolutionsReadysell v6.2x9-Dec-05Retail
Readysell Computer SolutionsReadysell Point of Sale v8.019-Aug-11Retail
Real Value Store Pty LtdReal ValuePOS v1.015-Nov-06Retail
Reculver Technology Pty LtdReculver Technology GRL v3.49-Jan-02Government
Red TechnologyLAPPOS v1.021-Jan-14
Red61 LimitedVia v4.120-Jan-12Ticketing
RedCat Pty LtdRedCat v1.013-Nov-01Hospitality
Regality Software Pty LtdPositive Live v617-Oct-12
Resort Technology PartnersRTP/ONE v2005.8.1.x15-Mar-06Hospitality
Retail Business IntegratorsSales Logic Solutions v1.0.03930-Mar-07Retail
Retail DirectionsStore Management System (SMS) v3.9.8.112-May-05Retail
Retail Edge ConsultantsThe Edge v4.49-Dec-09Retail
Retail Edge System Pty LtdRetail Edge Systems v5.0.0.13-May-18Hospitality
Retail ExpressRetail Express v2.1.929-Jan-16Retail
Retail IntegrationMeridian EPOS v617-Dec-13Retail
Retail IQ LtdvIQing EFT Link for Retail Pro v1.017-Jul-13Retail
Retail Management Computer SystemsRetail Management Computer Systems v3.1216-Dec-03Retail
Retail Realm Pvt. LimitedRetail Realm Microsoft Dynamics AX Retail v6.3.1000.3098-Jan-15Retail
Retail Realm Pvt. LimitedRetail Moderm POS [Ax 2012] v CU1015-Jun-16Retail
Retail Realm Pvt. LimitedRetail Management Hero POS v3.0.2.028-Jul-16Retail
Retail Realm Pvt. LimitedModern POS AX7 v1.1.0.021-Dec-16Retail
Retail Solutions RS-Touch v14.1.2911-Feb-14Hospitality
Retail Solutions Pty LtdRetail POS Advantage v02.022-Jun-14Hospitality
Retail Technology Services Pty LtdOliPOS v1.55-Jan-16Retail
Retainoo DevRetainoo v12323-Jan-20Retail
ReTech GlobalRetech Global WINPOST v1.018-Jun-01Hospitality
Revel Australia Pty LtdRevel Systems v2.0.1525
NOTE: Not available to new PC-EFTPOS customers
Revolution Software ServicesRevolution v8.03-Apr-19Retail
Revolution Software ServicesRevolution Software v9.0024-May-19Retail
Ria Financial ServicesFxOnline v4.368-May-19Financial Services
Rimtech Software Australia Pty LtdProfitpak v2&324-Jan-08Retail
RIVA Hospitality SolutionsAloha Table Service v5.2.4.8010-Jan-06Hospitality
RIVA Hospitality SolutionsAloha Table Service v6.4.119-Oct-09Hospitality
Rivers AustraliaRivPOS v2.0.417-Jun-12Retail
RMS AustraliaDynamics / RMS v8.1016-Feb-07Government
Roller DigitalRoller v1.4.411.013-Jun-18Hospitality
RX One (previously HealthSoft Australia Ltd)Pharmacy Pro v2010.10.06027-Oct-10Pharmacy
S60 Platform Services Pty LtdOracle Retail Xstore Point of Service v1510-Nov-16Retail
SaaSplicationsSaaSplications v1.001-Feb-18
Sage PastelEvolution v7.002-Jul-13Accounting
Sanyo Data SystemsPOS Magic Touch30-Sep-08Hospitality
Sanyo Data SystemsSancom SQL v1.5.1581-Jan-12Hospitality
SAP Australia Pty LtdElevate POS v1.0031-Aug-18Retail
SASSCO Australia Pty LtdSASSCO POS v2.0.826-Feb-15Hospitality
SAX Technologies Pty LtdSAXPOS v02.01.095-Aug-19
SeaLink Travel GroupQuickTravel 1.09-Apr-19Ticketing
Seams Systems Pty LtdSeamspos v1.8.83-Jun-08Retail
Semkiw Pty LtdMango POS v15.3010-Sep-15Hospitality
Semnox Solutions Private LimitedParafait POS v1.4.0.513-Nov-13Events
Sharp ElectronicsSENPOS Coroprate 57-Mar-03Hospitality
Shift 8 Pty LtdDrone v2.0.5.529-Jul-13Hospitality
Shiji Group AustraliaInfrasys v1.2.15.126-Jun-18Hospitality
SIM OZPOS with Pointcard for Grocery Store v1.0.0.728-Jun-07Retail
SIM OZPOS with Pointcard System v0.2.0.319-Sep-07Retail
Simple Retail Pty LtdPenny Lane v2.026-Sep-06Pharmacy
Siriusware Inc.Sales Version v4.021-Aug-06Events
Skoop! IncSkoop! Kiosk v1.010-May-19Hospitality
SnowCOREPosCORE v1.0021-May-14
Softsys Technology ManagementJRMS v5.1027-Feb-09Hospitality
Solemate SoftwareSolemate Software v1.223-Oct-03Retail
Sony AustraliaSony POS v2.723-Apr-14
Southside ComputersMagicSub v4.0214-Dec-06Retail
Sper Co LtdOrderette v10.0.2430-Jul-19
Spiced SoftwareEFTPOS RMS v1.022-Apr-08
Spitfire TechnologiesSpitfire Technology v1.0026-Feb-02
Sri Enterprise Software Pty LtdSri POS v6.11-Nov-19
SRNA Software Pty LtdSRNA POS v1.014-Jun-19
Stamina Software Pty LtdVisage v7.2128-Apr-09Retail
Star Plus TechnologiesSPTPOS v128-Jan-04Retail
Starfleet Business SolutionsStarfleet Point of Sale v10.9.110-Jul-17Hospitality
StarrTec Pty LtdStarPOS v1.0025-Jun-10Hospitality
Steinhoff Asia Pacific / FreedomPOS2 v6.00.108-Dec-06Retail
Sterland ComputingSterland Computing v1.0012-Mar-02Retail
Stratco (Australia) Pty LtdxStore POS (Oracle) v17.0.216-Apr-19Retail
Streamlined Solutions Pty LtdJustOnline v1.024-Mar-15Retail
StrivenStriven v2017.5.122-Aug-17Retail
Suntech Enterprise Pty LtdPOSCAM v2.8.315-Jul-11Retail/Hospitality
SuperCheap AutoSCARRPOS v8.730-Sep-03Retail
Surefire SoftwareSurefire POS
Surefire Systems Pty LtdSurefire Systems v1.0012-Mar-02Retail
Suzanne Grae Pty LtdSuzanne Grae v4.1013-Aug-02Retail
SVI RetailSVI Retail v1.0019-Nov-02Retail
Swarovski International (Australia) Pty LtdMicros Xstore v1323-Apr-12Retail
SwiftPOS Pty LtdSwiftpos Touch30-Sep-08Hospitality
Sybiz SoftwareSybiz v1.003-Jul-09Retail
Sybiz SoftwareSybiz Vision v19.0018-Jul-19Retail
Sym-Pac ComputingSym-Pac for Windows 95/98 v7.60.1313-Dec-00Retail
Sym-Pac ComputingSym-Pac for Windows XP 200220-May-09Retail
Synergy Computer TechnologyAPOS v2.30.0113-Jan-11
Syscap RetailMinder v6.112-Sep-03Retail
systems packageiaspos Retail v1.0.0.124-May-19Retail
TabsquareTabsquare v1.0029-Oct-18Hospitality
Task Retail TechnologyXchange Point v2.0.201.2013127-Feb-12Hospitality
TBS Software Pty LtdTBS Cleverplus v2011.11.302-Dec-11
TCPOS SATCPOS.Net v4.0024-Jul-14Retail
Technohost Pty LtdOpal POS v2.029-Nov-16Hospitality
Technology OneEnterprise Cash Receipting (ECR) v4.01.04.0016-Aug-12Local government
Technology Solutions Group Pty LtdMealpass RT v5.329-Apr-16
Tectura (Australia) Pty LtdLS Retail NAV-Tectura v5.007-May-08Retail
Tectura (Australia) Pty LtdLS Retail v1.004-Apr-11Retail
Ted Holdings/Millenium BusinessTed Holding v1.112-Nov-02
Tender Centre Pty LtdCUTCMIS v1.08-Nov-11Retail
The Bicycle EntrepreneurFusionPOS v2.089-Aug-11Retail
The Help Us Unit TrustBossii v1.024-Oct-11Hospitality
Think Software Pty LtdBusiness Management Software v2.8823-Sep-15
Thomson Data CorporationThomson Data Corporation v1.0012-Mar-02
Ticketek Pty LtdAspect v2.105-Feb-13Ticketing
Till PaymentsTill-Pro v1.001-Nov-18Retail
TLC Systems Australia Pty Ltd / One Till Pty LtdPOS Point v6.2075-Jun-13Hospitality
Today Software Pty LtdPOSperfect v4.013-Jan-11Retail
Toshiba TECPlatinum POS v5.0.0.821-Apr-05Retail
Touchdataiios v 1.0.12-Oct-19
Tower SystemsRetailer v1.7L21-Jan-03Retail
Tower Systems International (Aust) Pty LtdTower Systems International (Aust) Pty Ltd v2.7.3.2 (Cloud)18-Dec-19Retail
TransactaTransacta v1.021-Jun-01Retail
TriniTEQ International (previously Palmtech Ltd)Palmteq v1.0015-Feb-02Hospitality
TriniTEQ International (previously Palmtech Ltd)WaiterPOS v4.12+30-Aug-05Hospitality
TriniTEQ International Pty LtdPower EPOS v2019.430-Apr-19Hospitality
Triquestra NZ LtdInfinity Retail Management System v47/4822-Feb-06Retail
Triumph Business SystemsTriumph ERP v6.08-Oct-15Retail
True Cloud SolutionsTCS POS for Netsuite v1.0030-Oct-18Retail
Ultimate Business SystemsEclipse v119516-Sep-14Retail
Ultrahawke Pty LtdULTRAPOS v1.0.115-Oct-12Weighbridge
Unicard Systems Pty LtdUNI.Loader v01.00.0521-Feb-07ID Cards
UniLink Data SystemsOnestop v1.0.65.88916-Jun-11Education
UniLink Data SystemsBookNet v2011.1.041411-Jul-11Retail
Unique Micro DesignSkyBus TBPOS v2.x13-Sep-12Ticketing
Unisoft Pty LtdThe Business Edge v4.01-Apr-08
Unisoft Pty LtdThe Business Edge v4.01-Jul-10
United Engineering & Software Pty LtdUENS Metal Recycling Sofware v 1.02-Mar-18Weighbridge
United Engineering & Software Pty LtdUENS uWeigh Software - Allstone v5.0519-Dec-19Weighbridge
Univex Electronics Pty LtdUnivex i-POS v2.79-Aug-11Retail
Uniwell POS Australia Pty LtdUniwell HX Series v3.0026-Jun-17Hospitality
Vandoe's Computer SystemsVandoe's SmartPos v2.02a13-Nov-07Hospitality
Venue SolutionsVenue Solutions v1.018-Aug-09Entertainment
Victorian Land Registry ServicesVictorian Online Titles System (VOTS) v8.06.2312-Jun-19Realestate
VisionariesVisiPOS v18.124-Jul-19Retail
Vista Entertainment Solutions LtdVista Point of Sale v4.00.5076-Jul-10Entertainment
Vista Entertainment Solutions LtdVeezi POS v44.2.40401.23-Jun-14Entertainment
Vix TechnologyVIX POS v3.3.0000.vss6-Mar-15Transport
VTicket Pty LtdGalaxy v6.2.100314-Mar-16Ticketing
W & W Business Solutions Pty LtdBASXPOS v2.0.259-Mar-16Retail
W. W. Wedderburn Pty LtdAtria POS v0.1.024-Oct-16Retail
W.W. Wedderburn Pty LtdElite POS v2.026-May-08Retail
Waterways AuthorityWaterways Authority v1.001-Mar-00Ticketing
Willie Creek PearlsPearl2 v2.20020-Mar-12Retail
Wincor Nixdorf v3.5.3.250021-Oct-13Retail
Wincor Nixdorf ABTP.Net v4.528-Jan-14Retail
Windward SoftwareWindward System Five5-Feb-20Retail
Winxis SRLWXS-AU v1.079-Feb-18Hospitality
Wolfstrike DistributorsWolfstrike Retail v2.82125-Feb-16Retail
Woo Ecommerce IncWooPOS v19.057-May-19Retail
Woolworths LimitedWoolworths PC-EFTPOS v1.01-Sep-00Retail
Wsoft Pty LtdWPOS v3.3.3.013-Dec-18Hospitality
YZM Pty Ltd Spiral POS v2.2.72-Aug-18Retail
Z Software Pty LtdZ POS v1.05-Feb-14Pharmacy