Why Linkly

Powering payments across Australia

At Linkly, we’re dedicated to providing payment solutions, in-store and online, that create seamless payment moments. From your local coffee shop to the biggest brands, we provide our clients with the tools to make their payment journey better for businesses and their consumers.

Linkly In-Store

Over the last 20 years, Linkly has built a reputation for seamless integration of payment solutions resulting in 200,000 plus terminals processing more than 2 billion transactions a year through over 700 Point-of-Sale applications and 14 acquiring partners – making us Australia and New Zealand’s leading supplier of integrated payment solutions.

Linkly Pay App, is our modular payment application built for Android payment devices that brings ultimate processing performance, reliability, and transaction speed with a flexible and customisable user interface.

Linkly Online

Linkly Online / our MerchantSuite platform processes over 120 million online and telephone payments a year, solidifying our position as a leader in end-to-end payments and omni-channel solutions provider.

The way consumers pay is constantly evolving and we’re here to support businesses by providing flexible payment solutions for unparalleled consumer experiences in-store, online and over the phone.