Accredited Companies

Find list of Accredited Companies below:

Company Name
POS Software Name
Primary Industry
Food & Beverage
Cloud Supported
365 Technology Group / Pawnit Systems Pty LtdPawnit 365 v
7-Eleven Stores Pty LtdRadiant Systems P400 & P1550 v6.2.9070Retail
Abacus Solution Pty LtdAbacus v2.5.52Hospitality
Abacus Solution Pty LtdAbacus v2.5.23Hospitality
Abacus Solutions Pty LtdAbacus 2.8.14HospitalityYes
Abercrombie & FitchIPOS v6.
Accent SoftwareInsyte v16.4.2.0Retail
Access POS Pty LtdRetail Manager & New Manager v3.60Retail
Aclas Pty LtdArmPOS v2.0Retail
ACR Business Systems Pty LtdHardware Shoptalk v1.0Retail
Acumen Computer SystemsAcumen v3.85Retail
Acumen Computer SystemsAcumen v3.95Retail
Addictive Technology Solutionsaddictive POS v1.0Hospitality
Adelaide Business SoftwareAdelaide business Software v1.18Retail
Advanced Automotive Data ServicesMTS by AADS v8.12Retail
Advanced Retail SolutionsAdvanced Retail Technology v1.00Retail
Advantage Solutions Pty LtdMicrosoft Retail Management System RMS 2.0Retail
Agopae Data SystemsAgopae Data Systems v1.00Hospitality
Ai-Menu SystemsAi-Menu v3.10.30Retail
All Cash Register RequirementsGrace POS v3.00Retail
Allcom AustraliaAllcom Aust v5.30
AM Solutions / My Chemist / Corum HealthRetail Manager (EPOS) v1.0.0.0Retail
AmadeusProperty Management - PM PRO v10.2.130Hospitality
AMC CITIngenico EFT with POS Portal v1.00Retail/Hospitality
AMC EnterprisesAMC Enterprises v1.1.2.4Retail
Amore Pacific Australia Pty LtdInnisfree ClientPOS 2020.6.3.2Retail
Amway Of AustraliaHybatsRetail
Aniluin Pty LtdPoint 3 v 9 & 10Retail/Hospitality
App Gallery Pty LtdWeFroth v1.0Yes
Apparel 21Bass Software v8.3Retail
ARTech Corporation Pty LtdARTech Corporation v1.00Hospitality
ARZPOSARZPOS v3.240Weighbridge System
AusSoft Solutions Pty LtdCashlink v10.1Hospitality
Aussoft Solutions Pty LtdCashLink v13.1Hospitality
Austech Weighing (Aust) Pty LtdMAXPOS v1.8.4.2Weighbridge
Austral DynamicsAustral Dynamics PC-EFTPOS v1.0Retail
Automotive Brands Group Pty LtdGlobal vAB11.13Retail
Autosoft Pty LtdAutosoft Turbo v4.0Retail
AW Retail Systems Pty LtdSwiftTouch v1.2.115Hospitality
AWS / Aussie Weighbridge SystemsAWS Weighing Management Systems v4.0B1Weighbridge
Barcode Solutionse-bility v2.88Retail
Baseplan Software Pty LtdBaseplan v1.9Rental Management
Beautiful Designs & ConsultingBDC Self-Checkout System v1.0Retail
Belvoir Information TechnologyBelPos vC5Hospitality
BEpoz Retail SolutionsSmart Till v2 & 3Hospitality
BEpoz Retail SolutionsBepoz v3.4.0 / Bepoz CE v3.4.0Hospitality
Best & LessBest & Less v1.00Retail
Between The Flags Pty LtdVM Instock v1.0.1.44Retail
BevillesBevilles v1.00Retail
Beyond BoulderingBeyond Bouldering v1.00Hospitality
BHGLS Pty LtdBluize v3.9.12Retail
Biscount SoftwareBiscount v10.2835Hospitality
Bluefrog POSBluefrog POS v7.2.24Retail
Brunswick Bowling ProductsSync v3.0Retail
BSG AustraliaPCI PC-EFTPOS 1.0.0RetailYes
Bunnings Group LimitedBPositive v12.2.4.27
Business Manager SoftwareAdvanced POS v4.1.0.1Hospitality
Business Smarter SoftwareBsmarter POS v2.0Retail
C9 SoftwareC9 v4.378Retail
Caljo Solutions Pty LtdCBPos v1.0a
CAP SoftwareCAP Software POS v8Retail
Caps HospitalityCaps Hospitality v1.0Hospitality
Carus Pbs Ltd AbCarres Ferry Booking System vC2.60Hospitality
Cashpoint Payment Solutions Pty Ltd (previously Retail Systems / Acecourt)MYPOS v1.0 (previously RSA PC-POS v2.2.6)Hospitality/Retail
CasioCasio V-R200 / V-R7000 v4.01Hospitality
Centaman SystemsCentaman Systems v7030Hospitality
Chimo Pty LtdChimo v1.0Retail
CIBIS Pty LtdXpect v3.27Business
Cider House ICT Pty LtdCHSVET v5.0Veterinary
Cin7Cin7 POS v2.0Retail
Circle Software LtdCircle POS v119Retail
CitiXsys Australia Pty LtdiVend Retail v4.6.2Retail
City Beach AustraliaCB.POS.EXE v2.0.69.1Retail
Civica Pty LtdAuthority v6.8Government
Clear Objective LtdClear Enterprise v2.11.3Retail
Clear SoftwareClear Retail v4.0Retail
ClickPOS Pty LtdClickPOS v1.0Retail
Cloudsolve SA Pty LtdPosZAP v1.0HospitalityYes
Club SpeedPOS1Retail/Hospitality
ClubwareClubware v3.1.0.350Health
Clubware (Division of Debitsuccess)Clubware 2.0 v2.4.5Health
Codemaster Systems Pty LtdCodemaster Retail v 4.1.4Retail
Colorado GroupColorado Group POS v2.xRetail
ComActivity AustraliaCegid Yourcegid Retail CBR v11.05.1391.1967Retail
Compusoft Australia Pty LtdCompusoft PC-EFTPOS v1.0Retail
Computer Infobase SystemDophiny v1.10Retail
Computer MagicTill v4.0.036Hospitality
ComputerLink AustraliaComputerLink v1.00Retail
Comsense Datasystems of AustraliaComsense Point-of-Sale v7.0Health
Concrete Recyclers (Group) Pty LtdCRG POS v14RetailYes
Control Pty LtdPoint -N-Sell v3.44
Cornell-Mayo AssociatesOpus Millenium v3.26aRetail
Cosmos LimitedPOS2000 v1.91aHealth
Cosmos LOTSLOT vL2.010Health
Costco Wholesale Australia Pty LtdCostco Australia SMA v2.0Retail
Coyote Software Pty LtdCoyote POS v2.0Retail
CPIAM Pty LtdSellIT v2.0.6Pharmacy
Creative ComputingCreative Computing v1.00Retail
CSRCSR v1.00
Ctel Pty LtdImpulse Practice Management System v5.50Health
Custom Hospitality SystemsMaitre'd vMD2005 SP3 HF3Hospitality
Custom Hospitality SystemsHioPOS Cloud v1.84.1.0HospitalityYes
DailyPOSDailyPOS v14.9.10.20Hospitality
Dataccount ComputerBizFlex v0711Retail
DataTools Pty LtdDataTools POS v2.0
DecathlonOpenbravo WebPOS v170.2Retail
Deliverit Software Pty LtdDPOS v1.80.0Hospitality
Dena Services Pty LtdPOS Master v2.4.68
Department of Territory & Municipal ServicesRego.ACT v10.4Government
Dick SmithPosPlus v1.0Retail
Disc AustralasiaDisc Australasia v3.2.097Retail
Dynamic Retail SystemsDynamic Retail Systems v4.1.1.7Retail
e10 Solutions Pty Ltde10 POS vFOS-v.021b
Eastcoast NetworksOptions Accounting + POS v2007Retail
EBS Pty LtdEBS v1.0Hospitality
Ecco Software Pty LtdmPOS v2.01Retail
ECNESOFT Pty LtdeTakeaway v1.20.0.0Hospitality
E-Com Business SolutionsE-Com POS v1.0Retail
EDS Australiae-Drivers v1.00
EFTPOS WarehouseXCR v05.16Reseller
Elegant Computer SolutionsExpressLane POS v5.1Retail
Embed International Pty LtdEmbed PG v0100Hospitality/Retail
Emirates ComputersVisual POS Master v2.2.xRetail
Engagis Pty LtdEze Orda v0.4.6
Enigma SolutionsEspresso POS v2.3Retail
Enterprise Intelligence SystemsOpenbravo Commerce v3.0RR14Q3
Envisage Software SolutionsEnvisage POS for Aidacare 1.90Professional Services
Epitome Software Pty LtdGary v r7510Retail
Epos PlusDIGIPOS v2.0.0.2
ERP WERXLS Retail - Navision v9.00.06.222Retail
ESD / PoswisePoswise v9+Retail
Esprit (Retail) Pty LtdEsprit POS System v0.20BRetail
Esprit InternationalEsprit v7.13aRetail
E-Ticket / VACCe-ticket v2.7Ticketing
EverywareCaterlord POS v2.0.4Hospitality
Evopos Pty LtdEvopos v2.09Retail
ExistcoPlant Control Systems POS v1.2Retail
Exobiz ServicesExobiz POS v1.030Retail
Exobiz ServicesSymphony v16.0201.01Retail
Exset Holdings ty LtdMiPOS v1.00Hospitality
Ezy Systems Pty LtdEzyWine POS v2017.02.02Accounting
Ezy Systems Pty LtdEzyAccounts v2017.02.02Retail
EzyUse Business SolutionsEzyUse Business Solutions v2.0.8.4
FAMAC DistributorsArtsmagna v6.5.915Retail
FBS – WindowsFuture Business Systems Windows POS v1.0Retail
FE Technologies Pty LtdLoanstation v2.4Libraries
Fedelta Point of SaleFedelta v3.7.3Hospitality
Fieldpine (Metrics)Fieldpine v1.0
Finchcorp SystemsiCell v1.1.0.552Hospitality
FingermarkAutom8 v1.13.0Hospitality/Retail
Flower PowerFPPOS v1.0Retail
Flower PowerFPPOST v5.27Retail
Focal Point TechnologyMAJIK DRPOS v6.0
Frabpos SystemsFrabPOS v3.7Hospitality
Fred IT GroupFred IT Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail v6.3.164Retail
Fred IT Group (Health & Retail)Microsoft Retail Management System v1.3.0206Retail
Fujitsu Australia LimitedFujitsu PC-EFTPOS v1.0Retail
Fusion Transactive LtdG5 Polaris POS / G5 Gemini POS v2.40 Build 7Retail
Futura Retail Solution Pty LtdFutura4POS v40.18Retail
Futura Retail Solution Pty LtdFutura4POS v4.1.0.3RetailYes
Futura Retail Solutions Pty LtdFuturERS 3.34ARetailYes
Future Business SystemsFuture Business Systems v1.00Retail
Future POS Inc.Future Fusion POS v5.0Hospitality
Future RetailFuture Retail v4.1.17Retail
FutureNetFutureNet v2.0.3Retail
Gap SolutionsGap Solutions v1.00Hospitality
Gap Solutionsezi-scale v2.3.36.0Retail
Gap SolutionseziPos v
General Pants GroupEpicor Store v6.2.0Retail
Generate Group Pty LtdGenerate7 v7.0Hospitality
GIO Building Society LimitedGIO Receipt Application v3.01Insurance
Givex AustraliaVexilor v16.2.1HospitalityYes
Gladstone MRM (Australia) Pty LtdOrbit Professional v1.4Fitness
Gladstone MRM (Australia) Pty LtdPlus2 v10Events
Global Retail Technology Ltd (Nobly POS)Nobly v6.19HospitalityYes
Golden KeyIMAS POS v1.3.5Retail
GPK Group Pty Ltd (prev. Merlin Software Pty Ltd)Merlin POS v3.0Retail
Great Earth Pty LtdOdoo v9.0
Group Zara AustraliaITXPOS v3542.3345.36.1Retail
GuestPoint Motelier Pty LtdGuestPoint v8.0.1.12Accommodation
GV Custom SoftwareOke's POS v2.2Retail
H&L AustraliaH&L v1.0Hospitality
HansaWorld Australia Pty LtdEnterprise v7.0Retail
Happen BusinessJin2 Business Engine v3.01Retail
Harvey NormanPOSVO v27.06Retail
HB International Pty LtdHB International v1.0
HelecomSuperTouch POS v9.0Retail
HirePos Pty LtdHirePos v1.31.107Retail
Hitachi Solutions Asia Pacific Pte LtdDynamics 365 Retail by Hitachi v8.1Retail
Hospitality Information SystemsHIS Interactive (Realtime Management) v5.0.37Hospitality
Hospitality Professional POS Systems Pty LtdHospitality Professional POS v1.01Retail
IBMSIBMS v8.0x & 9.0xRetail
ICAD Retail Systems Pty LtdSwingPOS v0515Retail
ICG Software Pty LtdFront Retail v50xxHospitality
Idealpos Solutions Pty LtdIdealpos / Ideal POS SystemHospitality
IKEA - Cebas Pty LtdMBS Navision v2009Retail
Imagatec Pty LtdiPos/iCafe/iPizza/iWash vFeb2010+Hospitality
Imagatec Pty LtdiPOS / iCAFE / iPIZZA / iWASH v2010Hospitality
Impos Solutions International Pty LtdImpos Front Office v4.28.1.0Retail
Independent Solutions (previously Scanning Systems)Scanning Systems Australia v1.0
InfoCentral Solutions (previously Infobase Systems)InfoBase InfoPOS v2.4Retail
InfoMining Pty LtdBookMine v10Retail
InfoPOS Australia Pty LtdInfoPOS v2.0Retail
InforInfor M3 v10Hospitality
Infotel Pty LtdInfotel v2.16Retail
Infusion Business Software LtdInfusion 8.519 (and above)Retail
inPOS Pty LtdinPOS v4.4.1.1Hospitality
Intech Software LimitedShopcounter v8.2Retail
Intelli-Data Solutions Pty LtdConnect v1.0
Intelligent POS (I-POS)Digital Data Assist v4.0Hospitality
Intelligent RetailConnect v5.21Retail
Interacct SoftwareIPOS v3.0.63Retail
Intercard Inc.iteller v5.1.1.1Hospitality
Intercard Inc.iCashier v1.1.0.0Hospitality
Intercard Inc.iTellerPlus v1.0.1.0Hospitality
Intouch TechnologyIntouch Technology v1.00Health
Intraday Pty Ltd t/as GloPosNetGloPosNet v1.0.0.0Hospitality/Retail
IQ WorksMenuMate v4.0Hospitality
Ironbark SoftwareIronbark Point of Sale v1.00Retail
IT System Pte Ltd123 Sell POS v2.02.02Retail
IT Visions Business Systems Australia Pty LtdGrow v6.0.2480Retail
ITERA LimitedPosera v 1.0.0Hospitality
ITNT Group Pty LtdRetail Therapy / ITNT POS v1918Retail
Ivida Smart Technologies Pty LtdTaptouch 1.2.0Retail
iWEIGH Solutions Pty LtdiWEIGH v4.00Weighbridge
Jack Roe (CS) LtdJacro PosPay v1.0
JBS Hospitality Events Pty LtdPosorbis v1.0Hospitality
JDA Software AustraliaJDA Software v1.00Retail
JEC InternationalOPT.MAS POS v2.2Hospitality
Jensen Data SystemsJensenPOS v1.00Hospitality
K POS Pty LtdPartner_Pro 2 v 3.0Hospitality
Kart 2000 International SVL / Kingston Park RacewayKart 2000 PaydeskRetail/Hospitality
KCC Computer ConsultingCS-12 v1.0
Kemp & DenningKemp & Denning v1.00Retail
Kestral ComputingPhoenix v 1.0Health
Kestral ComputingKarisma v3.0Health
Kingsley's Chicken Pty LtdKingsley's Instore Management v1.0Retail
KLB Systems Pty LtdPI Electronique v MA00TEN0Retail
Koorong Books Pty LtdKoorong PC-EFTPOS v1.0Retail
Kooyoo Technology Pty Ltd t/as Codemaster SystemsPOSWORX v1.00Hospitality
Kreative Technology Pty LtdKreative Konvenience v1.9.71Hospitality
Krunchy Kebabs Pty LtdKK Kiosk v1.0Hospitality
Kudos Solutions LtdCounter Intelligence - Serve v4.4.6Retail
Kudos Solutions Pty LtdKudos Solutions v1.00Retail
Land & Property Management AuthorityLPMA PC-EFTPOS v4.2.6.30Government
Lenards Pty LtdLPOS v17.2.10.1044Retail
Link TechnologiesLinkPOS v7.4Retail
Links Modular SolutionsLinks Modular Solutions v9.70Health
Logic 1 Systems Pty LtdPOS1 v 1.20Retail
LowesLowes v1.00Retail
Lynx Business Systems (Australia)Lynx Checkmate v2.13Retail
Magenta RetailMagenta Retail v4.11.00Retail
Magenta RetailEnabler v4.36.00Retail
Management CompanyDCS POS v2, v3Retail
Mandalay Technologies Pty LtdMandalayCS v3.4.0.39Weighbridge
Marketstall Australia Pty LtdEDGEPOS v2.8.4Retail
Markinson Technologies Pty LtdMomentum Pro v7.0Retail
Marvyn Entertainments Pty LtdTSCR for The Cheesecake Shop v5.7Hospitality
Mascolo Support ServicesSalongenius v11.1Retail
Mayne Group LimitedMINFOS v2.14Health
MBFMBF v1.00Health
MBL Retail SolutionsMerlinPOS v0.0.5.17Retail
MedianaraMNPOS v3.0Hospitality
Medibank Private LtdTSX_CNU23591 v7.0Health
MedNetwork Systems Pty LtdImpulse Practice Management System v5.50Health
Megabus Pty LtdMarlin GTX v3.4.1Retail
Megabus WAMegabus WA v0.30Retail
Melhawk Computing / Magenta RetailMelhawk Positive for Windows v2.00Retail
Menumate LimitedMenumate v5.10Hospitality
MercarexMicrosoft Retail Management System v1.3 & 2.0Retail
Metric Business SystemsMetricsPOS 1.0.0Retail
Metric Business SystemsMetricsPOS 1.0.0 (TCPIP)HospitalityYes
Metro Business SystemsMetro Business Systems v1.00Retail
Microchannel ServicesRetail Tools RMS POS PC-EFT v1.0.20Retail
Microchannel ServicesMicroChannel Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail v6.3.0.1Retail
Microchannel ServicesMicroChannel Microsoft Dynamics NAV v2015-2018Retail
Micronet Systems AustraliaMicronet Point of Sale v2.6Retail
Micros FidelioMicros Fidelio v1.0Hospitality
Micros FidelioMicros 9700 v3.2Hospitality
Micros-Fidelio Australia Pty LtdSimphony v2.6 GRHospitality
Mointor Business Machines NZSuperVisor e-Pay v1.0Retail
Monitor WA Pty LtdSmartLoader v2.0Hospitality
Monitor WA Pty LtdTotalControl Lite (tcLite) v1.0.5.0Hospitality
Monitor WA Pty LtdSmartloader v3.0.0.0Hospitality
Moore StephensMSTA Post Module v3.04Accounting
Mountaintop SystemsMountaintop Systems PosPro v4.13Health
MRP Retail AustraliaMRP POS v8.0.6.8Retail
MSL SolutionsPOS A3 v1.0Hospitality
Music Management SystemsMusic Management Systems v2.5Retail
My Baby Warehouse / Arora InternationalLogical POS v1.0.0
My Student AccountCenturion Software v2.5Hospitality
MyerMyer v1.00Retail
MYOB AustraliaMYOB Retail Manager v9.0 onwardsRetail
National POS Systems Pty LtdnatPOS v1.0.3613.0Retail
NCRETRANS v9.01.01Hopsitality
NCRAloha v6.7Hospitality
NCR AustraliaDNC Kiosk v1.00Hospitality
NCR CorporationNCR Cinema POS v7.6.2194Hospitality
NCR Hospitality (previously Quest Retail Technology)Quest Retail Technology v1.0Retail
NeoPOSNeoPOS v5.28Retail
NeotechnologySprintPOS v6.07Retail
Neotechnology Business SystemsAmicus v6.xx & v6.07Hospitality
NetBookings Pty LtdnbPOS v5.7Hospitality
NetnestMS Retail Management System v2.0.13Retail
NetSuiteRetail Anywhere POS v7.1Retail
Newcastle Weighing ServicesWasteman 2G WRU v2.25.0.0Weighbridge
Newcastle Weighing ServicesWSN Waste Receival Unit v1.25.0.0Weighbridge
Newcastle Weighing ServicesClearWeigh v2.0Weighbridge
Nimbus EFTPOSNimbus EFTPOS One v1.0.2Retail
Nirvana Intelligent Systems Ltd / NisystNPOS Enterprise Edition v6.0Retail
Nortech SystemsRamsys v1.0Retail
North Industries Pty LtdChess Retail POS v27ARetail
Northstar TechnologiesNS v6.2
NothingButPOSNothingButPOS Pro v1.1.0.0Hospitality
Omni Systems Pty LtdOmniPOS, iOmniPOS v1.07.13Retail
Omni Systems Pty LtdOmniPOS v1.0RetailYes
On Q - CadmusCadmus Proprietary / Win 95 v3.00Retail
On Q Business SystemsRetail
Onsite TechnologyOnSite POS for NetSuite v1.9.105Health
Ontempo NZ LtdOntempo Store v1.2.0.0Retail
Open Systems Technology Pty LtdOpen Systems Tech Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail v6.2.158.0Retail
OracleSimphony v2.7Hospitality
OracleSimphony First Edition v1.6Hospitality
Oracle AustraliaXStore v5.5RetailYes
OrdermateOrdermate v2.7.12Hospitality
Oscar Software SolutionsOscar v2.01Hospitality
OscarPOS Software SolutionsOscarPOS v2.5.6Hospitality
Osipos Software Pty LtdOsipos v9.20 & 9.30Retail
Pacsoft Australia Pty LtdOptemizer v2.0.195.20+Retail
Pacsoft Australia Pty LtdiOptPOS v1.0Retail
Palm Computing Australia Pty LtdPalm Computing v1.0Retail
Panacea IT SolutionsRetail Pro v8.4/8.5Hospitality
Partech Inc.Infusion Software Suite vIT.3:50Hospitality
Partech Inc.PixelPoint v12.2Hospitality
Partner ITPOS Tickets v2.0Retail
Passenger Transport BoardPassenger Transport Board v1.00Transport
PBSAPBSA POS v2.2.14.0Retail
Peerless Software Pty LtdPEERPOS v1.0.0.2238Retail
Perfume Empire Pty LtdMicrosoft Retail Management System v1.3&2.0Retail
Pharmacy Computer SolutionsEzyPos v1.0.111Retail
PharmHosMerlinMap 1.0RetailYes
Pharmhos Software Pty LtdMerlinMAP POS v1.3Retail
Pixen Pty LtdBeacon v2.5.1.XRetail
Platypus SoftwareEzeReceipts v2Retail
Platypus Software Pty LtdPlatypus Software v7.00Retail
Platypus Software Pty LtdposCentral v7.0Retail
Point of Sale IncERPLY v2.0Retail
POS 1CES TS v8.0.14Retail
POS ActiveMatrix Point of Sale v3.20Retail
POS MasterPOS Master v2.5 v6.00.10Retail
POS Republic Pty LtdPOS Republic WebPOS v1.0Retail
POS Republic Pty LtdSelf Order Kiosk v1.0Hospitality
POS SolutionsPOS Solutions v1.00Retail
POS Works Pty LtdPOS Works Retail Management System (PRMS) v1.0Pharmacy
POS WorldEG Business Equipment t/as POSWorld vMP2100Retail
Positively Systems Pty LtdPositively v12.89Retail
POSSKI Pty LtdAbacus v2.5.23Hospitality
POSWAY Pty LtdPOSWAY v1.5.4Hospitality
Power POS Systems Pty Ltd / PowerlinxPowerTill v7.1Hospitality
Precise Business SolutionsEpicor POS v4.4Retail
Profit VisionRetail Plus v2.07 & Profit Vision v2.07Retail
Pronto SoftwarePronto-xi POS v630.3 +Retail
Proteus Corporation Pty LtdPRO*POS v8.0Hospitality
Protrace SolutionsPrompt U iPOS v1.4Retail
Pure CommercePure Commerce v2.0Retail
QBD The BookshopQPOS v1.0.78.1Retail
Qdos TechnologyQDOS Point of Sale v9.5.12.0Retail
QubicaAMFConqueror Pro v2016Hospitality
Quicken (Reckon POS)Quicken v9.0/ QuickfuelRetail
QvisualLogiq v6.0.5Health
RACT / AlifeReceptor v1.0.24.5Hospitality
Rapid UIRapid POS v2.0Retail
RaymarkMosaic v2.7Retail
Readysell Computer SolutionsReadysell v6.2xRetail
Readysell Computer SolutionsReadysell Point of Sale v8.0Retail
Real Value Store Pty LtdReal ValuePOS v1.0Retail
Reculver Technology Pty LtdReculver Technology GRL v3.4Government
Red TechnologyLAPPOS v1.0
Red61 LimitedVia v4.1Ticketing
RedCat Pty LtdRedCat v1.0Hospitality
Regality Software Pty LtdPositive Live v6
Resort Technology PartnersRTP/ONE v2005.8.1.xHospitality
Retail Business IntegratorsSales Logic Solutions v1.0.039Retail
Retail DirectionsStore Management System (SMS) v3.9.8.1Retail
Retail Edge ConsultantsThe Edge v4.4Retail
Retail Edge System Pty LtdRetail Edge Systems v5.0.0.1Hospitality
Retail ExpressRetail Express v2.1.9Retail
Retail IntegrationMeridian EPOS v6Retail
Retail IQ LtdvIQing EFT Link for Retail Pro v1.0Retail
Retail Management Computer SystemsRetail Management Computer Systems v3.12Retail
Retail Realm Pvt. LimitedRetail Realm Microsoft Dynamics AX Retail v6.3.1000.309Retail
Retail Realm Pvt. LimitedRetail Moderm POS [Ax 2012] v CU10Retail
Retail Realm Pvt. LimitedRetail Management Hero POS v3.0.2.0Retail
Retail Realm Pvt. LimitedModern POS AX7 v1.1.0.0Retail
Retail SolutionsRS-Touch v14.1.29Hospitality
Retail Solutions Pty LtdRetail POS Advantage v02.02Hospitality
Retail Technology Services Pty LtdOliPOS v1.5Retail
Retainoo DevRetainoo v123Retail
ReTech GlobalRetech Global WINPOST v1.0Hospitality
Revel Australia Pty LtdRevel Systems v2.0.1525Hospitality
Revolution Software ServicesRevolution v8.0RetailYes
Revolution Software ServicesRevolution Software v9.00Retail
Ria Financial ServicesFxOnline v4.36Financial Services
Rimtech Software Australia Pty LtdProfitpak v2&3Retail
RIVA Hospitality SolutionsAloha Table Service v5.2.4.80Hospitality
RIVA Hospitality SolutionsAloha Table Service v6.4.11Hospitality
Rivers AustraliaRivPOS v2.0.41Retail
RMS AustraliaDynamics / RMS v8.10Government
Roller DigitalRoller v1.4.411.0Hospitality
RX One (previously HealthSoft Australia Ltd)Pharmacy Pro v2010.10.0602Pharmacy
S60 Platform Services Pty LtdOracle Retail Xstore Point of Service v15Retail
SaaSplicationsSaaSplications v1.00
Sage PastelEvolution v7.00Accounting
Sanyo Data SystemsPOS Magic TouchHospitality
Sanyo Data SystemsSancom SQL v1.5.158Hospitality
SAP Australia Pty LtdElevate POS v1.00Retail
SASSCO Australia Pty LtdSASSCO POS v2.0.8Hospitality
SAX Technologies Pty LtdSAXPOS v02.01.09
SeaLink Travel GroupQuickTravel 1.0TicketingYes
Seams Systems Pty LtdSeamspos v1.8.8Retail
Semkiw Pty LtdMango POS v15.30Hospitality
Semnox Solutions Private LimitedParafait POS v1.4.0.5Events
Sharp ElectronicsSENPOS Coroprate 5Hospitality
Shift 8 Pty LtdDrone v2.0.5.5Hospitality
Shiji Group AustraliaInfrasys v1.2.15.1HospitalityYes
Silvergold SystemsEncounter v4.0
Silvergold SystemsiPOS Retail Management System v1.0.8Retail
SIM OZPOS with Pointcard for Grocery Store v1.0.0.7Retail
SIM OZPOS with Pointcard System v0.2.0.3Retail
Simple Retail Pty LtdPenny Lane v2.0Pharmacy
Siriusware Inc.Sales Version v4.0Events
Skoop! IncSkoop! Kiosk v1.0HospitalityYes
SmartQ - Bottle Lab Technologies Pvt LtdSmartQ POS
SnowCOREPosCORE v1.00Hospitality
Softsys Technology ManagementJRMS v5.10Retail
Solemate SoftwareSolemate Software v1.2
Sony AustraliaSony POS v2.7
Southside ComputersMagicSub v4.02Retail
Sper Co LtdOrderette v10.0.24
Spiced SoftwareEFTPOS RMS v1.0
Spitfire TechnologiesSpitfire Technology v1.00
Sri Enterprise Software Pty LtdSri POS v6.1Yes
SRNA Software Pty LtdSRNA POS v1.0Yes
Stamina Software Pty LtdVisage v7.21
Star Plus TechnologiesSPTPOS v1Retail
Starfleet Business SolutionsStarfleet Point of Sale v10.9.1Hospitality
StarrTec Pty LtdStarPOS v1.00Hospitality
Steinhoff Asia Pacific / FreedomPOS2 v6.00.10Retail
Sterland ComputingSterland Computing v1.00Retail
Stratco (Australia) Pty LtdxStore POS (Oracle) v17.0.2Retail
Streamlined Solutions Pty LtdJustOnline v1.0Retail
StrivenStriven v2017.5.1Retail
Suntech Enterprise Pty LtdPOSCAM v2.8.3Retail/Hospitality
SuperCheap AutoSCARRPOS v8.7Retail
Surefire SoftwareSurefire POS
Surefire Systems Pty LtdSurefire Systems v1.00Retail
Suzanne Grae Pty LtdSuzanne Grae v4.10Retail
SVI RetailSVI Retail v1.00Retail
Swarovski International (Australia) Pty LtdMicros Xstore v13Retail
SwiftPOS Pty LtdSwiftpos TouchHospitality
Sybiz SoftwareSybiz v1.00Retail
Sybiz SoftwareSybiz Vision v19.00Retail
Sym-Pac ComputingSym-Pac for Windows 95/98 v7.60.13Retail
Sym-Pac ComputingSym-Pac for Windows XP 2002Retail
Synergy Computer TechnologyAPOS v2.30.01
Syscap RetailMinder v6.1Retail
systems packageiaspos Retail v1.0.0.1Retail
TabsquareTabsquare v1.00Hospitality
Task Retail TechnologyXchange Point v2.0.201.20131Hospitality
TBS Software Pty LtdTBS Cleverplus v2011.11.30
TCPOS SATCPOS.Net v4.00Retail
Technohost Pty LtdOpal POS v2.0Hospitality
Technology OneEnterprise Cash Receipting (ECR) v4.01.04.001Local government
Technology Solutions Group Pty LtdMealpass RT v5.3
Tectura (Australia) Pty LtdLS Retail NAV-Tectura v5.00Retail
Tectura (Australia) Pty LtdLS Retail v1.00Retail
Ted Holdings/Millenium BusinessTed Holding v1.1
Tender Centre Pty LtdCUTCMIS v1.0Retail
The Bicycle EntrepreneurFusionPOS v2.08Retail
The Help Us Unit TrustBossii v1.0
Think Software Pty LtdBusiness Management Software v2.88Hospitality
Thomson Data CorporationThomson Data Corporation v1.00
Ticketek Pty LtdAspect v2.10
Till PaymentsTill-Pro v1.00Ticketing
TLC Systems Australia Pty Ltd / One Till Pty LtdPOS Point v6.207Retail
Today Software Pty LtdPOSperfect v4.0Hospitality
Toshiba TECPlatinum POS v5.0.0.82Retail
Touchdataiios v 1.0.1RetailYes
Tower SystemsRetailer v1.7L
Tower Systems International (Aust) Pty LtdTower Systems International (Aust) Pty Ltd v2.7.3.2 (Cloud)RetailYes
TransactaTransacta v1.0Retail
TriniTEQ International (previously Palmtech Ltd)Palmteq v1.00Hospitality
TriniTEQ International (previously Palmtech Ltd)WaiterPOS v4.12+Retail
TriniTEQ International Pty LtdPower EPOS v2019.4Hospitality
Triquestra NZ LtdInfinity Retail Management System v47/48Retail
Triumph Business SystemsTriumph ERP v6.0Retail
True Cloud SolutionsTCS POS for Netsuite v1.00Retail
Ultimate Business SystemsEclipse v1195Retail
Ultrahawke Pty LtdULTRAPOS v1.0.1Weighbridge
Unicard Systems Pty LtdUNI.Loader v01.00.05ID Cards
UniLink Data SystemsOnestop v1.0.65.889Retail
UniLink Data SystemsBookNet v2011.1.0414Education
Unique Micro DesignSkyBus TBPOS v2.xTicketing
Unisoft Pty LtdThe Business Edge v4.0
Unisoft Pty LtdThe Business Edge v4.0
United Engineering & Software Pty LtdUENS Metal Recycling Sofware v 1.0Weighbridge
United Engineering & Software Pty LtdUENS uWeigh Software - Allstone v5.05Weighbridge
Univex Electronics Pty LtdUnivex i-POS v2.7Retail
Uniwell POS Australia Pty LtdUniwell HX Series v3.00Hospitality
Vandoe's Computer SystemsVandoe's SmartPos v2.02aHospitality
Venue SolutionsVenue Solutions v1.0Entertainment
Victorian Land Registry ServicesVictorian Online Titles System (VOTS) v8.06.23Realestate
VisionariesVisiPOS v18.12Retail
Vista Entertainment Solutions LtdVista Point of Sale v4.00.507Entertainment
Vista Entertainment Solutions LtdVeezi POS v44.2.40401.2Entertainment
Vix TechnologyVIX POS v3.3.0000.vssTransport
VTicket Pty LtdGalaxy v6.2.10031Ticketing
W & W Business Solutions Pty LtdBASXPOS v2.0.25Retail
W. W. Wedderburn Pty LtdAtria POS v0.1.0Retail
W.W. Wedderburn Pty LtdElite POS v2.0Retail
Waterways AuthorityWaterways Authority v1.00Ticketing
WH Smith AustraliaMicros BE / Torex BE 5.24Retail
Whydah SolutionsWhydah Solutions v1.00Retail
Willie Creek PearlsPearl2 v2.200Retail
Wincor Nixdorf v3.5.3.2500Retail
Wincor Nixdorf ABTP.Net v4.5Retail
Windward SoftwareWindward System FiveRetail
Winxis SRLWXS-AU v1.07Hospitality
Wolfstrike DistributorsWolfstrike Retail v2.821Retail
Woo Ecommerce IncWooPOS v19.05Retail
Woolworths LimitedWoolworths PC-EFTPOS v1.0Retail
Wsoft Pty LtdWPOS v3.3.3.0HospitalityYes
Yeahpoint Pty LtdYeahpoint v1.00Retail
YQueue Australia Pty LtdKinesis Kiosk 2.4.0Retail
YZM Pty LtdSpiral POS v2.2.7Retail
Z Software Pty LtdZ POS v1.0Pharmacy
Zamels JewellersRapid v10.55dRetail
ZeusPOSZeusPOS v5.00Retail
Zupajo Learning SystemsZPOS v1.6Retail